VH-1 and Beyond




After his VJ-ing for MTV, Paul switched over to the new music channel VH1,

aimed at a different age group as MTV, in August 1994.


At VH1 he first presented videos (The Album Chart Show, Sounds of the Cities) but later he disappeared from the screen.


He still works there as an executive producer for MTV Networks UK, producing for VH1 UK and MTV One.





"Signs of Life"


* In 1996 he gave a performance of 'Love and Pride' together with The SAS Band in a VH1 Special gig

(5 July 1996).



* At 30 September 1997 Paul King performed at Marc Bolan's 50th Birthday Celebration Concert in Cambridge Corn Exchange. He sang "Metal Guru" and "Cosmic Dancer. His performance of Cosmic Dancer can be found on Youtube:


* In 1999 he did a TV commercial for the CD Superhits of the Eighties. 


* In October 2002 he was interviewed for the Dan Hartman tribute site; the interview can be found at the Interviews page or at the Dan Hartman tribute site.


* In 2003 Paul presented at the RTS Awards in London.


* Paul King was also interviewed in a tribute to MTV's Most Wanted (Date/year unknown).


* In September 2003 a reaction from him - to the popularity of U2's Joshua Tree album - was published in Uncut Magazine.


* In 2004 he was interviewed in BBC Three's programme "Liquid Assets - Duran Duran's millions":



* On 21 October 2005 there was a radio interview (BBC Coventry), which you can download (or read the transcript) from Lucio's Italian fansite (link).


* Paul introduced a music video sometime in 2007, which you can see on Youtube (link).


* On 5 June 2008 he did a short interview on Dutch radio. You can download the WAVE-file here. You can read the transcript on the Interviews page.


* And on 6 May 2009 he did an interview for this site. You can read it on the Interviews page.









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