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After the demise of King, Paul King tried a solo career and recorded an album in the USA

with Dan Hartman as producer.




In March 1987, Paul King also contributed to the Ferry Aid project as a soloist, and was the last singer to record his part on 16 March 1987.

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(Paul King from 0:47 - 0:50).








Paul King destroyed a tape of the album Joy on MTV Europe's Most Wanted, 20 July 1995, of which you can read the transcript and see pictures of it all here.


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Album: Joy (1987)


1.  Follow My Heart (P.King / D. Hartman)

2.  When You Smile (P. King / D. Hartman / P. Haines)

3.  I Know (P. King, D. Hartman / C. Midnight)

4.  Pass On By (P. King)

5.  So Brutal (P. King)

6.  Star (P. King / M. Roberts)

7.  It's Up To You (P. King)

8.  One Too Many Heartaches (P. King / D. Hartman / C. Midnight)

9.  Slow Motion (P. King / D. Hartman / C. Midnight)

10. Some Risks (P. King)

11. Glory's Goal (P. King)




* I Know (b-side: Some Risks)

* Follow My Heart (b-side: Brutality)




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Note about my translations: my apologies if they're not really good English - I'm not an English native speaker, so inevitably there will be some mistakes in vocabulary and grammar. The translations will, however, convey the meaning of the Dutch text and that's their purpose.


* "Ik ben weer gewoon Paul King" (Hitkrant 23, 1987)




"I'm just Paul King now"


You probably remember the song 'Love and Pride'. It was a big hit about two years ago. The band King, led by Paul King, seemed to be on their way to super-stardom on the same level as Wham! and Duran Duran. Unfortunately, the success of this British foursome had disappeared just as quickly as it came. Paul had enough of it. The group was disbanded and after that there was nothing but silence. "It was an awesome time," Paul says, "but I ended it without any doubt in my mind. Just because I had to move on. I wanted to find out what more there is for me in this world. That's why I have travelled the globe for a year and seen how people of other cultures live. That was easy because I didn't have a steady relationship or even a place to live. I still haven't, by the way. I'm not ready for that yet." Paul King released his first solo single 'I Know' in the UK. "I'll wait and see if it will become a hit. It's hard to predict. After all, I'm just Paul King now, who has to start all over again."


[A new hairdo, but the same penetrating eyes that made the singer of 'Love and Pride', Paul King, so popular. King doesn't exist any more. From now on, Paul King tries it all by himself...]

* Paul King (Hitkrant 35, 1987)




For five years he's been the frontman of the group that he named after himself, King. Everyone can certainly remember his big hit, 'Love and Pride'. At the end of last year the group fell apart. Paul immediately decided to start a solo career and together with Dan Hartman he recorded an LP. That album brought us the single 'I Know' this last spring. The reactions weren't and aren't stunningly good, so that Paul gradually is moved back into oblivion. He's busy but hasn't had success yet. Although everything can change for the better with a next single.

* Hé, daar heb je Paul King (Hitkrant 42, 1987)




Hey look, it's Paul King


But a different Paul King than we already know. The long, black ponytail, the golden earrings and the high army boots have disappeared. Paul traded in his gipsy look for a gentleman's and now presents himself as a solo artist in a neat black suit and Don Johnson t-shirt. Why has Paul, after two golden LPs and five hit singles, given his band the push? "When we just started out we only had one thing in mind: performing in Top Of The Pops, playing successful tours, selling lots of records and be featured on the covers of magazines. When we had achieved all of that, the problems started. The band members got families, didn't have any more ambitions and didn't want to be away from home that long any more. I myself enjoy performing and travelling like nothing else. Oh well, although I don't look like a gipsy any more, in my heart I still am one."


[Paul King in 1987, with a fantastic new single, 'Follow My Heart', a new image and big plans...]































 Other articles and stuff

* Press release: Follow my heart (1987)


Text: Paul King - Follow my heart


A great double sided 12" from the highly talented Paul King is this!


The "A" side, "Follow my heart" is an excellent track, probably best described as a very danceable ballad (?), which has a more than strong chance of being the big hit that his debut solo single so very nearly was. Once again it's produced by Dan Hartman, who has performed with his usual consummate artistry, as the first listen will tell you. From the horn arrangement, to the female semi-rap at the end, not forgetting Paul King's excellent voice (which seems to get better and better with each release) - amd a great sax solo - this is one hell of a single, so make sure that you play it to everyone very often!


Now if that wasn't enough reason for you to want to make this single a hit (and it ought to be!) the extra-special "b" side - "Love-pride and brutality" will be the final factor in its favour. As you might have guessed from the title it's a very clever re-working of old KING favourite "Love & Pride" in with new material from Paul King's forthcoming solo album - and it works brilliantly. Any of you with King fans in your audience will find this more than playable - so check it out at the earliest opportunity and give it some stick BUT do not forget that "Follow my heart" is the "A" side - or in other words make sure that everyone's aware which song they should ask for when they go out to buy the single!


That's it - it's now all up to you!

* Press release: Paul King Bio (1987)


Text: BIO - Paul King


In October 1986 Paul King commenced work recording his solo LP. Twelve tracks in all, with production by American Grammy-nominee Dan Hartman, reknown for his work with James Brown and the late great Average White Band. The LP was recorded at Hartman's studio in Connecticut and mixed at Unique in New York with engineer Chris Lord Alge.


Dan Hartman had seen Paul performing earlier in 1986 and the resulting friendship led to Dan and Charlie Midnight (who wrote 'Living In America') collaborating on three songs for the new LP. This includes the first Paul King single 'I Know'. The release date for this is 6th April 1987 and it's available on 7 and 12".


'I Know' (and the LP overall) reflect Paul's varied musical influences and strong R&B root, hence the band brought together by Paul and Dan to work on this LP. This included ace bass player T.M. Stevens who has worked with Miles Davis and The Pretenders and Bowie's guitarist Carlos Allomar. Backing vocals throughout have been provided by the Sisters of Soul, Detroit Chapter (The Franklin Sisters).


Paul's solo career follows five years as lead singer/songwriter of KING, who had two gold LP's and five hit singles in the UK including the million selling 'Love And Pride'. Reknown for their live work KING toured the UK, Europe and the US extensively during their career including over 100 shows in 1985 alone. Their career ended amicably in Autumn 1986.

Paul King's passion for performing is undiminished and plans are already in motion for a UK tour later in '87. Details will follow.

* Promo picture (CBS)



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