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- The official King website: the story of King as written by Paul King himself, with loads and loads of photos and other interesting material.

- the wikipedia-page on Paul King.

the wikipedia-page on King, the band.

- Italian fan site with pictures and some articles, mostly in Italian; the forum (message board) of that site.

- the Internet Movie Database page on Paul King.


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- The Paul King Fansite Photogallery


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- promotional video for Paul King - I know

- promotional video for King - Love and Pride

- promotional video for King - Torture

- promotional video for King - Alone without you

- promotional video for King - The taste of your tears

- promotional video for King - Won't you hold my hand now

- video: King, "Love and pride" and "The taste of your tears" on TV

- video: Paul King co-presenting on Channel 4 on Madonna's gig in Leeds, 1987.

- video for King, "Love and pride" on Top of the Pops, 1985.

- video for King, "Love and pride" on the Tube, 1985.

- video for King, "The taste of your tears, Top of the Pops, 1985.



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- King performing at Coventry Cathedral, August 1984.

- King's performance at Tube, 1984 (in 2 parts)

- King on Saturday Superstore, March 1985: talking on the phone, to pet gerbils and the like.

- Paul King being interviewed for BBC Midlands, 1985 (see also the Interviews page for the transcript).

- King live performance for BBC1 Midlands, "This is King" (in 4 parts).

- Off The Record with Paul King, April 1985: BBC programme about musical influences.

- King concert at London's Hammersmith Odeon, 30.4.85 (in 10 parts)

- King on Saturday Superstore, 1985: BBC. Trying to make cuddly toys sing!

- King at No. 73 - performing "Torture"  and "Alone without you" live (in 2 parts)

- King concert at Glasgow Barrowlands, 31.12.85 - 1.1.86 (in 9 parts)


- Paul King interviewing the Pet Shop Boys, November 1993.

- Paul King interviewing Therapy? and Inspiral Carpets, end of 1993 or start of 1994.

- Paul King, 1993: talking about his gold discs...

- Paul King, 1993: talking about yoga and its positive effects...

- Summary of Paris Fete de la Musique, summer 1993, with VJ Paul King.

- The last show of Greatest Hits presented by Paul King, 29.07.1994


- Paul King destroying Joy: demolishing a tape of his album Joy at MTV's Most Wanted, hosted by Ray Cokes (the transcript with pictures can be found here)


Single Luck, a programme about one hit wonders, the episode of King - Love and Pride (in 3 parts), from 1999; (Please note that the video on youtube ends a bit before the actual end of the programme. The full transcript with pictures can be found here).


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