I like to thank:

- Dave Gilbert (Coventry) for supplying material on Reluctant Stereotypes and King (live) material.

- Iris (France) for useful tips and her contribution to my interview.

- Jason Rees (Wales) for supplying Reluctant Stereotypes' lyrics, King press releases and pictures!



Most of all, I'd like to thank Paul King, for inspiration.






About me and why I made this site

My name is Audrey, I come from the Netherlands where I was born in October1974. This means that I was only ten at the time when 'Love and Pride' was a hit. I didn't know King at the time, but I do remember the wo-wo-wo-part of the song... When my mum was finally persuaded to get cable TV in 1993, I could watch MTV and so a charismatic VJ, Paul King, entered my life. It was a sad day when he left MTV and moved on to invisibility (for us non UK viewers)...:(


In 2000 I found out that there was nothing on Paul King on the internet so I built a little site with the information that was available to me at the time, all about his eighties' band. In the meantime I moved to Nijmegen, got married, and now I have a daughter of 4. And even in 2008, in this information age, there still wasn't a decent site in English about him, especially not on his career after King. So I'm trying to build one right now. Hope you like it.

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