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Paul King was born 20 November 1960 in Galway, Ireland.

When Paul was three years old, his family moved to Coventry, UK, where he grew up.

Paul has one sister, Linda, who is about 9-10 years older than he.



He went to Caludon Castle Comprehensive School.

From an early age, Paul distinguished himself by his clothes and looks and was called "Gipsy" at school.


Paul's first notable public performance was performing the Jungle Book song "King of the Swingers" at a Christmas show at school.


After leaving Caludon Castle Comprehensive with five O levels, Paul joined the Police Academy, where he soon left after three weeks, because there was no place for personality and individuality.


Paul got a job at Rolls Royce, just outside Coventry as a stores clerk. He left there in 1980 to enroll at the Coventry Drama School.


He left the drama school and a local ska band called the Reluctant Stereotypes, asked him to become their lead singer, because of his eccentric looks. His first performance with this band was at a birthday party but soon they gigged small venues, and later on the Reluctant Stereotypes recorded an album called The Label (1980). They also performed in The Old Grey Whistle Test on TV.


During this time, Paul met up with Perry Haines, who became his manager. The Reluctant Stereotypes disbanded and Paul firstly formed the Raw Screens, with Mick Roberts, James Lantsbery and Tony Wall. Later they changed their band's name to King. To earn some money, Paul had several odd jobs, such as truck driver, porter, and he worked in a clothing boutique. His most notable job was dressing up as a monk to entertain the guests in an abbey/restaurant (Coombe Abbey) by jesting and singing (etc.)


King rehearsed and started to gig in the pub-and-club circuit. King signed to CBS Records in 1983. (More King on the King page)


In 1986, Paul went solo and in 1987 recorded one album, "Joy", in the USA, with Dan Hartman as producer. Two singles were released but had not much chart success. So he said his musical career goodbye and moved over to television.


MTV Europe had recently started broadcasting and in 1989 Paul got himself a job firstly as a stand-in VJ, but soon became a regular presenter. He presented music videos and did interviews for MTV Europe until 31 July 1994.


He moved over to VH1 UK, which is part of MTV Networks, where he was also a VJ, and a producer. He still works there as an executive producer, producing for VH1 UK and MTV One.



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