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This website is dedicated to Paul King, formerly of the eighties' band King,

and later VJ on MTV Europe and VH1.















































On this site you'll find information, articles, pictures and more.



On the "Biography" page, you'll find a short biography briefly describing his background and career, starting with the Reluctant Stereotypes and his success with his band King in 1985, his shortlived solo career and his move to television as a presenter at MTV and VH1.


On the page named "Reluctant Stereotypes", you'll find more in-depth information and some articles about his time with the Reluctant Stereotypes.


The page "King" offers you a lot of articles and links to a pictures page, all about King, the band that had success with the single "Love and Pride" and other hit singles such as "Won't you hold my hand now", "Alone without you", "The taste of your tears" and "Torture", in 1985.


On "Solo" you'll find some articles and information about Paul King's solo album "Joy" and single "I know" from 1987.



On the "Discography" page, there's information on King and Paul King's albums and singles, including all lyrics to the songs.





Articles, information and lots of pictures from Paul's VJ career will be found on the "MTV Europe" page, which deals with his presenter years, 1989 until 1994. (The pictures are on this separate page.)



After that, he moved over to VH1 and became less visible for non UK viewers. All information available to me from that time on (1994 until now) will be shown on the "VH1" page.


There are also various other pages which may be of interest:


King Video: on this page you'll find pictures from the music videos from King and Paul King solo;

Interviews and Transcripts: TV and radio interviews and other transcripts;

MTV Pictures: lots and lots of pictures of Paul King as a VJ (from the MTV era);

King - Single Luck: a separate page with the transcript of a programme from 1999 where Paul King, Mick Roberts and Perry Haines (their manager) - among others - are interviewed about the success, rise and fall of King, with an emphasis on the hit single "Love and Pride";

* Clean Your Soul, a separate page with a transcript of an episode of MTV's Most Wanted, called "Clean Our Souls", in which Paul King himself destroys a music cassette of "Joy";

* a "Links" page;

* a page with contact information;

MTV Extra: additional and general information about MTV Europe 1993-1994 such as a list of programmes and of the VJs.

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